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Over 2500 New Thought Centers around the globe in the only Universal New Thought Directory

Over 2500 different New Thought Centers in the world

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New Thought Library offers a full spectrum of New Thought books and texts

New Thought Library belongs to us all

Explore the writings of classic New Thought Authors and contemporary writers

Powerful Insights from Classic New Thought Authors and New Contemporary New Thought Writers Divine Journal brings a daily dose of delightful Spiritual Exploration to our fingertips for a variety of wonderful writers.

Explore the Divine Tao from a New Thought Perspective

Explore the Tao through a New Thought Perspective

DivineTao is a wonderful journey

Explore the bible from a new thought perspective

The Gospels dot org offers great New Thought Bible classes

Discover the way the bible was meant to be read and also explore all the Gospels including the Gnostics!